AoE - Game Release v2.0
The wait was long but there are no more excuses, for patient holders and investors the reward has arrived. We have used the highest standards for contracts, relying on the latest version of the OpenZeppelin Contracts framework. Also, we have hired the OpenZeppelin Defender system to monitor all contracts in the game and thus avoid attacks. We hope you enjoy the game!
Important changes to consider:

Add resources to your wallet

Add aGold Add aBanana Add aStraw Add aWood Add aStone
Add Apes NFT manually: 0xaF67662D28B175D8Df7e3066CD5605284c4DbA19 Add Buildings NFT manually: 0x2aE364c7C33143c3426d1AeCd7b0EAfc8F39F989

1 - aGold

No changes

  • We'll keep aGold as the in-game currency (There's no need to take action here)

2 - APEs migration

In order to do this amazing things you must migrate your apes. Don’t worry, the migration process will give you an exact monkey as you own (preserving the date of born, type, edition, and the fantastic name you have given it). You can perform the migration from the option on sidebar, there you will see your current apes and you can migrate them, it is free (you just pay the gas for the transaction). It only applies for apes you already owned, if you buy a new one you don’t need to do this process (and you will not be able to do it indeed).

Migration steps

  1. 1.
    Go to Inventory > Migrate
  2. 2.
    Approve migration
  3. 3.
    That's all
APEs will keep all attributes (Name, Age, Type ..)

3 - Auto-rewards since September 16th

To receive rewards, you need to migrate your APES ! As we announced, in order to mitigate losses from our investors we started an auto-farm system, we explain here:
All APEs born before September 16 at 00:00UTC will receive 3 aGold/hr per APE, until September 24 at 00:00UTC Examples:
  1. 1.
    Ape1 born on September 12 at any hour, when it claim rewards it will receive total aGold reward about 576 aGold
  2. 2.
    Ape2 born on September 20 at 00:00UTC, when it claim rewards it will receive total aGold reward about 288 aGold
  3. 3.
    Ape3 born on September 24 at 02:00UTC will receive no rewards

To claim rewards

  1. 1.
    Go to Inventory > Select an APE > Actions > Claim sp. reward 132
Rewards will be sent directly to your walet

4 - NFT Farming

Farming Is Here!

Of course we know that despite being a game you are here to make money, and this is where farming comes in. In order to start farming you will need buildings and apes. For farming to occur effectively (meaning start to generate AGold) both buildings and apes must be stacked (if you don’t stack any of them you will not be generating profits). At the moment of stack as buildings as apes the only matters is the amount and the type, that means that every apes of the same type will farm the same and every building of the same type will farm the same (therefore to interact with the game there are only + and - buttons).
As it mentioned in the documentation, each building can host up to three apes, following this rule
  • Hut only stores Normal Apes
  • Farms only stores Farmer Apes
  • Barracks only stores Warrior Apes
The logic to calculate the rewards is as follows (anyway you have a label showing current profits):
  • Each Normal Ape farms 65 AGold in a day (approx. 2.7 per hour)
  • Each Farmer Ape farms 125 AGold in a day (approx. 5.2 per hour)
  • Each Warrior Ape farms 250 AGold in a day (approx. 10.4 per hour)
NOTE: Keep in mind that AGold has no decimals, so rewards are integers meaning 2.7 will farm 2 really
The rewards will be given to you for each resource you stack out, keep that in mind.
When you make a claim, what you will really be receiving is the profits of the last ape you have stacked. With that said, keep the following rules in mind:
  • You can only stack an ape if you have a corresponding building stacked
  • You can´t un-stack an ape (thats because its farming from the moment it has been stacked). Instead claim it.
  • When you claim for the last ape inside a building you`ll receive also the building
  • You can un-stack a building only if there are not apes of its corresponding type stacked


Marketplace has some minor changes, the most related with performance and, of course, we fix the issue that you can’t withdraw apes from it. You can withdraw your ape from marketplace from Inventory, using the actions button.